GOST Phantom Motion Detectors

GOST Motion Detectors

Wireless Motion Detectors

NEW Wireless Water Resistant Outdoor Anti-masking – Active IR Motion Detector (GP-MSWR)

This wireless, water-resistant outdoor motion detector provides superior detection while rejecting small birds, cats, and dogs with its 90lb pet immunity. Also features anti-masking technology, with active infrared detection to prevent blocking attempts, such as placed items or sprayed liquids.


Wireless Water Resistant Dual Optical Motion Detector (GMM-MSWR)

This wireless, dual-optical, passive infrared (PIR) detector uses the same technology as the GMM-MS2, with the added benefit of being water-resistant for exterior use.


Motion Detector (GP-MSWR)

Text: This interior, wireless, dual-optical passive infrared (PIR) detector is the standard motion detector included in our GOST Phantom and GOST Insight HD packages. The dual digital element sensor is pet immune (up to 90 lbs), and detects motion right-to-left, up-and-down up to 35ft, with adjustable sensitivity.

Hardwired Motion Detectors

Hardwired Ceiling Mount Motion Detector with 360 Degree PIR (GMM-MS-360)

This ceiling-mounted sensor digitally monitors and detects a 360 degree range of motion, using dual opposed elements. Perfect for those hard-to-protect areas!


Hardwired Door/Window Security Curtain PIR (GMM-MS-DOOR)

This motion sensor is designed to cover doors or windows with a thin security curtain of infrared beams. Discreetly mounted in an upper corner, the alarm will trip if someone enters through these “curtains”, without picking up movement elsewhere.


Hardwired Covert Motion Sensor (GMM-MS-STEALTH)

This motion detector has a uniquely aesthetic design, perfect for use where appearances matter most, such as the salon, along with fully digital signal processing.